title 2
   הצהרת נגישות
    דף הבית
    מי ומי בצוות המרפאה
    ה"אני מאמין" שלנו
    סל הטיפולים
    מכתבים ממטופלים
    כיצד ניתן להגיע
    הנחיות לאחר טיפול
    צור קשר
    טיפול שיניים בהריון
    הצהרת נגישות

Dr. Gary Blackstien
Dr. Blackstien was born and grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. He studied dentistry at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1978. After seven years practicing in Toronto, He immigrated with his family to Israel.
A few weeks after arriving, he enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces, and following his service during which he was in charge of a dental clinic in the army, he opened the clinic where he has practiced to this day in Ramat Gan.
We perform almost all types of treatment in our clinic.
In order to do this, Dr. Blackstien is constantly attending continuing education courses to stay up to date with our rapidly changing profession.
We are committed to maintaining both a high professional standard of care, and a strict ethical level of practice.



Orli Baskind
Orli is, in a sense, the face of our clinic. She has been working with us since 1989. To call her our secretary is an understatement of the service and warm support that she provides to all our patients, who at times look to her almost as though she was their psychologist. She is the "welcome wagon", who will receive you and ease your way into the clinic, providing you with an unusually high standard of administrative assistance.


 Raisa Dadul and Sefi Moshe      
       are our chairside assistants who have the task of both assisting Dr.Blackstien and no less importantly making your experience as pleasant as possible. This they do with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency, as well as providing a very personable ambience.l