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    דף הבית
    מי ומי בצוות המרפאה
    ה"אני מאמין" שלנו
    סל הטיפולים
    מכתבים ממטופלים
    כיצד ניתן להגיע
    הנחיות לאחר טיפול
    צור קשר
    טיפול שיניים בהריון
Very often a tooth that has had Root Canal Treatment may darken.
In the case presented here, we performed a treatment known as "walking bleach" (you walk away with the bleaching material sealed inside the tooth for about a week at a time) for approximately 4 weeks. The result speaks for itself.
This case was done in our clinic by Dr. Regina Wellner, who, to our regret, (but not unfortunately, in the bigger scheme of things!) left the profession some years ago for a very successful second career as a consultant in the field of breast-feeding.


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