title 2
    דף הבית
    מי ומי בצוות המרפאה
    ה"אני מאמין" שלנו
    סל הטיפולים
    מכתבים ממטופלים
    כיצד ניתן להגיע
    הנחיות לאחר טיפול
    צור קשר
    טיפול שיניים בהריון

Three implant-supported crowns after completion of treatment (picture on right):

Sometimes when we wish to use dental implants, as a result of the ravages of prior periodontal disease, or long periods of time that have elapsed with no teeth in the area (resulting in the disappearance of the bone which previously held teeth) we are faced with obstacles which we must overcome using additional procedures to rebuild lost and destroyed bone. Another problem may be anatomical structures which limit the amount of bone available and here again solutions need to be found.   Open Sinus Lift